Welcome to Vida Life Coaching

Are you going through a divorce, are you a caregiver for your family, are you wanting to change careers, or is there a burden in your chest and you just don’t know how to rid of it.

Our life is a journey, and it is not always easy to navigate on our own. I know, because I’ve been there.

Outside support is often necessary to look at and beyond the present to focus on the next steps for the future. Finding a life coach is one way to get additional support in uncertain and uncomfortable times.

I can help you.

As your life coach, I will accompany you during these times to help you make confident decisions.

Together we will define your goals, create your plan, discover your strengths, uncover your needs and ambitions. Our work together will lead to new paths. Along the way, I will provide encouragement and empowerment as you realize your goals.

If you have read this far, it’s time.  Call me and let’s work together.

-Donna Santistevan